broccoli spigarello

/BROHK-koh-lee spee-ghah-REHL-loh/

A variety of broccoli producing masses of leaves and tiny florets. The taste is similar to that of broccoli, but more more concentrated and without any of the acid undertone often found there. And the texture is completely different as it has more of a fleshy leaf which is not slippery like spinach. Its strong but not dominant flavour mixes well with other cooked greens, and it works well or in ravioli or calzone. Like kale and cabbage, it goes well with beans and is happy in minestra. Use the leaves and florets - the stems below the leaf are generally very woody, but might be used for stock. Cut finely the leaves and stems very finely, or strip larger leaves from their stems and use without chopping. This is particularly effective in soup or pasta dishes.