Blue Dorset


A drum of very hard cheese made with cow's milk, similar to cheddar. It has a dry, off-white paste with mottled, blue veining and a crusty, brownish rind. It is made by Dorset Blue Cheese Co, Woodbridge Farm, Stock Gaylard, Dorset. This cheese is made with raw, skimmed milk and contains 40% (15%) fat. It is made with vegetable rennet so is suitable for vegetarians. It may be found weighing 5.5-6.6 kg (12-14 lb). Affinage is from 3-18 month. Blue Dorset or Dorset Blue Vinney has a sharp, sour flavour and a strong aftertaste. It can be very hard and there are stories of Dorset men suggesting that trains could run on rails made of this cheese. The required flora for the blue vening are thought to have originated on bridles in the tackroom of a stable.The cheese, which is said to have been the favourite of Thomas Hardy, disappeared in 1982. (PDO).

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