black pudding

[English] plural black puddings

Many countries produce versions of black pudding (US: blood sausage). It is large, cooked slicing sausage which usually containing pig’s blood, pork belly fat, cereal (often oats), onions, groats, herbs and spices. Black pudding is usually eaten cold or sliced and grilled or fried.

In Scotland black pudding (US: blood sausage). is made with sheep’s blood. Those of Spain are often flavoured with spices such nutmeg, cinnamon, fennel seeds and mint, or rice, paprika and onions, garlic and spices. In the Netherlands it might contain raisins. In the Valle d'Aosta it might be thickened with mashed potatoes and beetroot (US: beets). It is then boiled and sliced and baked with potatoes and butter.

Boudin or boudin noir are famous versions. The boudin de Paris traditionally consists of equal portions of blood, fat and onions. In Lyon raw onions are added, sometimes having been marinated in brandy and herbs. In Nancy milk is added. In the Auvergne, in addition to milk, there is a pig's head, and so it goes on.

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