Baldwin's Rother Pippin apple

/BAWLD-win ROH-dhuh PI-pin/

A name for Baldwin. A variety of mottled, medium to large, yellow eating apple streaked with dark red and crimson which was found by Mr John Ball on a farm in Lowell, Wilmington in Massachusetts some time around 1740. It was named Pecker or Woodpecker and then renamed in the early in the 1800s. It is a crisp apple with a slightly tart flavour and having a tough skin and yellowish-white flesh. It is a late-season apple, which is picked from mid-October in South-East England is stored and is at its best from December to April. In the United States it is picked in September in warm regions and until November in colder. Baldwin was an extremely popular apple until several million trees were killed off in the severe winter of 1918.

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