Baguette de Thierache

/bah-GETT duh tyeh-rash/

A rectangular loaf or block of soft cheese made with cow's milk, similar to Maroilles. It has dense, supple paste with a smooth, glossy, reddish-brown, ridged washed rind. It is made on farms and industrially in the Laon region of the Île-de-France since World War II. This cheese is eaten all year round, thought is at its best with milk collected in summer, autumn (US: fall) and winter, and is made with pasteurised milk, containing 45% fat (dry). The curds are uncooked and unpressed. It may be found in the following dimensions: 6 cm x 15 cm (2¼" x 6") by 6 cm deep (2¼"), weighing 500 g (18 oz). Affinage is 2-4 months. It is a soft, fragrant cheese with very strong flavour.

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