Asiago di Taglio

/ah-SYAH-goh dee TAH'lyoh/

A wheel of semisoft cheese made with cow's milk, though traditionally it was made with sheep's milk. It has a spongy yellow paste with occasional small holes and a smooth, glossy rind varying from yellow to brown. It comes from Asiago in Vicenza in the North of Italy. This cheese is eaten all year round, is made with raw, skimmed milk and contains 45% (30%) fat. The curds are scalded and pressed. It may be found in the following dimensions: 30-36 cm (12-14") diameter and weighing 7-10 kg (15½ - 22 lb). Affinage for Asiago cheeses is from 4-8 months but this one is only matured for less than 2 months and is used as a table cheese. (PDO).