A disc of semisoft cheese made with cow's milk, similar to a young Gruyère and which has been described as a cross between Danish Havarti and French Tomme. It has a deep yellow, slightly chalky paste and a brine-washed rind with a pinkish tinge. This tasty, farmhouse cheese has been made at Ardrahan House in County Cork since 1983 and is made with raw, whole milk. The curds are lightly pressed. It is made with vegetable rennet so is suitable for vegetarians. It may be found weighing from 400 g - 4 kg (1 lb - 9 lb). Affinage is from 5-8 weeks. Ardrahan was a Silver Medal winner at the 1995 British Cheese Awards, Best Irish Cheese and Best Semisoft Cheese at 1999 British Cheese Awards.