Ardi-Gasna is a Basque word for 'ewe cheese' or 'local cheese'. It is a wheel of firm cheese made with sheep's milk having a strong, yellow, smooth and supple paste and a natural rind. It is made on mountain farms in the Pays-Basque. This cheese is made between December and June and is eaten all year round. It is made with raw, whole milk and contains 45%-50% fat. The curds are uncooked and pressed. It may be found in the following dimensions: 19 cm (7½") diameter x 7 cm (2¾") deep, weighing 2-4 kg (4½ - 9 lb). Affinage is from 3-6 months, and older cheeses may be used for grating. Smaller cheeses may be called Arradoy, while those made while the sheep are at the summer pastures are called Arneguy or Esterençuby.