Appleyard duck

[English] plural Appleyard ducks

The Silver or Large Appleyard duck is a good layer as well as being a good table duck. It is so attractive that it is often used simply as an ornamental breed. First developed in the 1930s and 40s in the United Kingdom by Reginald Appleyard, the aim was to produce an all-round duck. They are broad and alert, active ducks with orange legs. The dark green head of the drake has silvery markings and a white/silver line separates the claret feathers at the base of the neck and the shoulders. The claret feathers of the breast have white beneath and the bib fades into silver under the body. Over the back the claret merges into dark grey feathers and the rump is solid dark green, as are the feathers under the tail. The tail itself is grey with broad white edging. Their wings are chestnut, grey and white with a iridescent blue flash. The drake's bill should be yellow - green. The duck's head and neck are silver white with a band of brown flecked fawn over the crown and back of the neck. This band merges into the heavily fawn flecked feathering of her back without a break. A fine fawn line marks through the eye. Most of the body from breast to flank is creamy white. The tail is darker fawn as are the wings. Her bill is yellow with a brown saddle.