Abruzzo is a region opposite Rome in south central eastern Italy in the highest and most rugged part of the Apennines with just a small strip of flatlands between the mountains and the Adriatic in the East. The cuisine of Abruzzo and Molise relies heavily upon fresh seafood, pork and lamb products, tomatoes and red peppers. High quality durum wheat is grown in Aburzzo contributing to the manufacture of top quality pasta in this region, particularly De Cecco. Figs are an important food product of Abruzzo as are saffron and the local red hot chillis known as diavolicchio. Provinces include Pescara, Teramo, l'Aquila and Chieti. There are no large towns. In the fertile valleys stock are reared and cereals, grapes and sugar beet are cultivated. Although these regions are close to Lazio and Rome they are still not visited much. Finding restaurants can be problematic and the food available is limited, although generally of excellent quality. Dishes from the area are given below. Traditionally the men of Abruzzo and Molise were shepherds and their way of life, involving constant movement and lack of a stable setting, created a cuisine based on the requirements of that life-style - foods that were easy and quick to prepare and could be carried easily. This movement of herders is called the 'transumanza'.



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