à l'arlésienne

/ah lahr-less-yen/

À l’arlésienn is French for "in the style of Arles" in Provence. This describes various garnishes. 1) A garnish for sole, tournedos or noisettes of slices of aubergine (US: eggplant) fried in oil, concassée of tomatoes, potatoes, olives, onion rings dredged in flour and fried and rice with demi-glace and puréed tomatoes. Alternatively, 2) with a garnish of tiny whole tomatoes and pickled chicory (US: Belgian endive) hearts or 3) olives stuffed with minced (US: ground) chicken and anchovy butter stuffed into tomatoes and served with boiled new potatoes or 4) tomatoes stuffed with aubergine and rice.



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