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hoi ('akau)


Air potato. An intrusive, but one of the most widely consumed varieties of yam cultivated in the Pacific Islands, Asia and West Africa. Uncultivated versions may be bitter and even poisonous (as in Florida).

kapisi siaina


Bok choy

moli tonga


Pomelo. A citrus fruit similar in appearance to a grapefruit with one slightly pointed end. Once the thick skin is peeled, the segments need to have the tough leathery coating pulled away. Inside, the flesh can be deliciously sweet and juicy. It is better left for a few days after picking before it is eaten. There are pink and white versions. Is sometimes used in salads and savoury dishes.



Purple yam

vaine akafulutāmakia'i


Ivy gourd. A small crunchy gourd reminiscent of a gherkin, green ripening to red, popular in the cuisines of India, Thailand, Indonesia and other South East Asian countries. The shoots and leaves can also be eaten.