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A steamed dumpling with a filling of minced (US: ground) pork with cumin, nutmeg and ginger.



Cottage cheese made from curdled bottled milk, like a cross between Ricotta and tofu. It can be fried and curried.



A steamer for momos which are the Tibetan dumplings and the favored popular snack of the region.  So popular, in fact, that they are considered a national food.  The bite-size dumplings or momos are filled with minced vegetables (carrots and cabbage, for example) or meats (typically, water buffalo and yak) and served with a highly seasoned tomato-based sauce.  The covered steamer or Moktu can be a single tier of pans with perforations to often three tiers.



Glass noodles

wak shee


A highly intoxicating Tibetan spirit.