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A fiery spice paste made with dried hot chillis, salt, olive oil and tomatoes. Similar to harissa, shatta and zhug, it is added to soups and stews to add a kick.

فاصوليا بيضة(fasoulya byatha)


A salad made from haricot beans (US: navy beans), garlic and finely chopped tomato.



A hot, piquant pomegranate and walnut dip, good with cooked meats and kebabs.



A hot, spicy dip made from fenugreek, chillis, onion, garlic, lentils and rice.



Flatbread rather similar to a paratha, which may be served with salad of eggs and tomatoes with some harissa.

sardalya sarmasi


A sardine wrapped in a vine leaf and deep-fried.

sardalya tavasi


Fried sardines