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[Proven_ale] plural ambricots







Basil. An aromatic plant of the mint family with white flowers which probably originated in India. The leaves are generally light green and have a strong flavour of lemon and jasmine, liquorice and cloves and a warm, spicy smell. It is particularly good with tomatoes. Only use at the last moment, to enhance the flavour.



A name in Provence for the saffron milk cap. It exudes milk when cut and is usually served fried or cold with a vinaigrette.





[Proven_ale] plural choupas

Black bream


[Proven_ale] plural clavelados

A name in Provence for the thornback ray. A variety of ray with very good flavour, the wings and the liver only being eaten. The wings have strips of cartilage running through them, rather than bone, and are easy to deal with at the table as the flesh drops away readily. As the name suggests, the backs of the fish may have clumps of coarse thorny spines, swelling at the base. These are called bucklers. Thornbacks have a range right from Iceland to the Mediterranean.



A name in Provence for the pilot fish. A distinctive, striped fish of the Mediterranean where it is mainly found around the Balearics and Malta. It is good for either grilling or poaching, having firm white flesh.



A name in Provence for the meagre, a fish similar to a large sea bass..

fiou pelan

/fyoo peh-LAHN/

A name in Provence for the warty or yellow crab, a small furry crab with very good sweet flavour used in soups.