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炒飯 / 炒饭(chǎo fàn)


Fried rice, Singapore style

潮州粉果(chiu-chao fan guo)


Chiu-chao fan guo steamed is a dim sum or dumpling made with minced (US: ground) pork, shrimp, and peanuts sometimes flavored with coriander (US: cilantro). These should be crunchy and can be delicious.

鹹水餃(haam sui gaau)


Haam sui gau is a crunchy dim sum or dumpling made with glutinous rice stuffed with pork and deep fried.

jiu cai bau


Jiu cai bau is a dim sum or dumpling made with wheatflour stuffed with chives, steamed and then deep fried.

芋角(wu gok)


Wu gok is a dumpling of dim sum in which purple taro is grated and lightly fried around a stuffing of spiced minced (US: ground) pork.