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Tiny game birds, fried whole. Could you send details (and a picture) to queries@whatamieating.com if you know more?



A yeast doughnut fried and then soaked in lemon and rosewater syrup.



A drink made from iced water mixed with yoghurt, chopped mint or cardamom and salt or sugar.

kibbeh naya


Raw meat and burghul served as an appetiser. The burghul outweighs the raw meat by about two to one. It is strictly a Levantine speciality, as raw meat and fish is forbidden to pious Muslims.



Kishk is a staple which country people depend upon for winter nutrition and bulk. It is used as a breakfast cereal and to bulk up soups. When wheat is harvested bulgur, cracked wheat, is fermented with milk and yoghurt, a process which takes around 2 weeks. Once the fermentation is complete, the mixture is salted, spread out on cloths and allowed to dry, after which it is rubbed until it becomes a fine powder or sort of dried paste. It is then mixed with milk, flour and seasonings, usually hot and spicy, and mixed with water as part of an evening meal.



A fresh drained yoghurt cheese.



Pizza pastry topped with wild thyme and mint za'tar, a mixture of spices traditionally used in Lebanese cooking.



A selection of little savoury dishes.



A sandwich filled with shredded chicken or meat wrapped in a flatbread and served with tahina sauce.. More of a Levantine dish than an Egyptian one.

سلطان ابراهيم رملة(Sultan Ibrahim ramleh)


Small red mullet. A high quality fish of a different family from the other (grey) mullets, and which has a far better flavour and lean, firm flesh. Its liver is highly prized. Do not confuse it with gurnard, which has a slightly paler colour. This fish may vary from pinkish-reddish crimson to rosy pink in colour, with a paler underbelly and two long barbels on the chin. This variety is not quite so prized as Mullus surmuletus, which is slightly bigger and has yellowish stripes on its sides.