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Baklava. A Middle Eastern pastry made of multiple, very thin layers of sweet phyllo-style pastry stuffed with chopped, grilled almonds, walnuts and pistachios, cooked with butter and oil and drenched with honey. It is usually cut into diamond-shaped lozenges The crisp yet moist finish is achieved by pouring hot honey onto cold pastry or cold honey onto hot pastry.



A mixture of spices usually made with cumin and coriander (US: cilantro) seeds with sesame seeds and hazelnuts. These are toasted and then crushed in a mortar and pestle. May be used to flavour salads or sprinkled on fattoush with pitta bread.

فلافل طعمية(falafel taamiyah)


A classic dish resembling a vegetarian meat ball, usually based on chickpeas (US: garbanzo beans) and dried broad beans (US: fava beans).



A salad made from a variety of vegetables and served and squares of toasted bread which is coated in oil and sumac. The vegetables are cut into relatively large pieces. Sumac is usually used to give fattoush its sour taste.



Courgettes(US: zucchini).Also refers to a dish of stuffed courgettes, using a slightly rounded variety where possible. They are stuffed with rice, ground meat and spices.