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Aubergine (US: eggplant)




އެށުންގަ އިލޮޅި(‘ešunga‘iloḷi)


Black-tailed godwit, A tall wader with a long, straight bill. It has a broad white wing bar and a bold black band on a snow white tail. Eaten in the same way as woodcock.

މަތިވައް ކައްޓަލަ(mativa ‘ka ‘ṭala)


Air potato. An intrusive, but one of the most widely consumed varieties of yam cultivated in the Pacific Islands, Asia and West Africa. Uncultivated versions may be bitter and even poisonous (as in Florida).



Sapodilla. A fruit which can be round or oval. Its thin skin is slightly rough and the flesh is dull, beige to terra cotta in colour and slightly granular with flat black seeds. Peel the skin away to reveal the apricot-coloured, honey-flavoured flesh. If it is eaten slightly under-ripe it may leave a residue of gum in the mouth. This can be dispelled by eating something fatty or wiping the lips with butter. One variety provides the gum for chewing gum.