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珍珠雞(jan jyu gai)


Jan jyu gai, meaning "pearl chicken", is made by mixing sticky rice with chicken and wrapping them into small parcels in lotus or banana leaves and steaming them.

蘿蔔糕(lo baak gou)


Lo baak gou translates as turnip cake, but is actually a patty made with grated mooli or daikon radish mixed with rice flour and minced pork sausauge or dried shrimp and perhaps some other vegetables, and then fried.

糯米雞(lo mai gai)


Lo mai gai is made by mixing glutinous rice with mushrooms, dried scallops, chicken or pork and egg egg yolk, wrapping it into a parcel inside a lotus leaf and steaming it. Although this is called 'lotus leaf rice' in the absence of lotus leaves it is known for banana leaves to be used.

芋頭糕(wu tao gou)


Wu tao gou are slices of a cake made with grated taro and, like lo baak gou, deep fried.