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Pomphret, white or silver pomphret (US: pomfret). The white pomphret is slightly more of a delicacy than black or brown pomphret. The flesh falls away from the bones for easy eating.



Acacia, used in soups, curries, omelettes, and stir-fries. The leaves of Acacia pennata are sour leaves used in omelettes, curries, soups and stir fries in the cooking of the Far East.

hong gua


Ivy gourd. A small crunchy gourd reminiscent of a gherkin, green ripening to red, popular in the cuisines of India, Thailand, Indonesia and other South East Asian countries. The shoots and leaves can also be eaten.

ou dang gui


Lovage. A large unwieldy herb. Pick the stems off the leaves, tie them and hang them to dry for about 3 days. When crisp, crumble the leaves and store. Good in hotpots. Lovage seeds are used mainly in Indian cooking, and are from a plant of the caraway family. The greenish-brown seeds are a little larger than celery seeds and have a strong aroma of rather coarse thyme. Oregano can be substituted.



A wide open pan used for stir frying foods at high temperatures.



Pomelo. A citrus fruit similar in appearance to a grapefruit with one slightly pointed end. Once the thick skin is peeled, the segments need to have the tough leathery coating pulled away. Inside, the flesh can be deliciously sweet and juicy. It is better left for a few days after picking before it is eaten. There are pink and white versions. The peel is candied and eaten as a delicacy.