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叉燒 / 叉烧(cha siu)


Cha siu is barbecued, spiced meat - usually pork.

榨菜(cha tsoi)


"Pressed vegetable." Jar choy is a type of preserved or pickled mustard originating from the Szechuan region of China. It is made from the knobby fist-sized swollen green stem of a variety of mustard. The stem is first salted, pressed and dried before being rubbed with hot chile paste and allowed to ferment in an earthenware jar. This preservation process is similar to that used to produce Korean kimchi. The taste is a combination of spicy, sour, and salty, while the aroma is similar to sauerkraut with hot chili paste. Its unique texture -crunchy, yet tender - can only be vaguely compared to western pickled cucumbers. Jar choy is generally washed prior to use in order to remove the chili paste and excess salt coating the preserved vegetable. Although originating in Szechuan, jar choy is also used frequently in the cuisines of southern China, particularly in a soup made with ground pork and mǐfěn ((rice vermicelli), and also as a condiment added to congee. It is generally sliced into thin strips and used in small amounts due to its extreme saltiness, although this saltiness can be tempered somewhat by soaking the strips in water prior to use.

炒飯 / 炒饭(chau fann)


Fried rice, Singapore style

腸粉 / 肠粉(cheung funn)


A roll made a sheet of rice flour noodle pastry. These are a dim sum which may be stuffed with prawns or pork or any good filling..

青口(ching hau)



中國茶(chung kwok cha)


China tea

春捲 / 春卷(chun guen)


Chun guen is a spring roll

豬肉 / 猪肉(chu yuk)



蛋挞 / 蛋撻 蛋撻 / 蛋撻(daan taat)


Egg tart