Turopolje (Schwein)


An ancient breed of pig originating in the Tropolje region of Croatia, between the Kupa and Sava rivers east of Zagreb. The people of this region are thought to have been some of the earliest to domesticate wild boar. Records of this breed are found as early as 1352. Various attempts to cross the pigs had poor results until Misko von Leder from Kurilovac "brought from somewhere some kind of pigs" which he crossed with his own local pigs. They thrive on a woodland diet of acorns, worms and larvae and are traditionally fattened up with maize before slaughter. They are off-white with black patches and are able to deal with the vagaries of the weather as they are tough and adaptable. Just as well, as this photograph was taken during the devastating floods of August 2005. This is now an endangered species as the market requires fatter, softer pigs.