"Mashed lungs." This is a haggis-like concoction of coarsely minced (US: ground) meat of beef and pork, lungs, hearts and rind flavoured with spices such as nutmeg, ginger and cloves and onions. Different producers vary the percentages of the ingredients.

I quote John Atwell, who sent in these really helpful comments: "Before cooking, it had the fine appealing aroma of a pork based pate but the texture was unsmooth and was in fact granular just like a haggis. I first thought of slicing it and frying it, but realized that it is, in fact, meant to be poached in its skin. I used half and sealed it with a good twist of cling film and put it in a pan of rolling water. Ten minutes is usually sufficient I thought, so I had time to knock up a Jaeger Sos (Hunter Sauce) and then using the Jaeger as a base, knocked up a whisky cream sauce. I served the Lungemos like haggis (no neeps though) and tried both sauces. The smell was heady and almost intoxicating and not from the whisky either. The taste was mildly exotic and massively exceeded the demanding expectations of a Northern man. This is a serious contender of haggis but was more moist in it's consistency - largely I feel due to the lack of oats/barley. I suggest the next time you go to Norway you bring some back for yourself!" A recipe may be found on the attached website.