Consommé. A clear broth or bouillon made by simmering minced (US: ground) meats with finely chopped vegetables and whatever main flavourings are desired, such as tomato, or game fumet. Tomatoes and egg whites both help with the clarification of the stock. Tomato encourages the impurities to rise and the egg white bind with them, forming a ‘raft’ on the surface. The liquid should then be sieved and skimmed repeatedly until all the fat is removed. Because fats are not a desirable ingredient in consommé, it is worth trimming all the visible fat from meat before cooking. On the other hand tendons and cartilage are good sources of gelatine and hence desirable. Shin of beef or veal fits the bill nicely. This is a time-consuming dish to prepare, but the results can be a fine essence of whatever is being cooked. The broth can then be garnished with any of a number of ingredients, which see under other entries for consommé.