"Brown cheese." A cheese made with whey from which the water is boiled out, slightly caramelising the lactose residue, which gives it its characteristically sweet flavour and brown colour. It is then moulded into a pale reddish brown block of low fat cheese. In its simplest form, with no additives, it is called Mysost or 'whey cheese', but is often made with added cream or with a goat's milk base. It is also called raudost, or 'red cheese." Eikte Geitost is made in this way with whey, added milk and cream from goats. Fl√łtemysost is a mild version made with whey, added milk and cream from cows and Gudbrandsdalsost, by some considered the best, is named after a valley where it is produced. This uses the whey, milk and cream of cows with additional goat's milk. In general, the darker the colour the stronger the flavour. It is a cooked cheese made generally from pasteurised milk and can be kept in the fridge for up to four months and frozen for even longer. These cheeses are often seen on breakfast and lunch tables with a cheese plane, which allows you to slice manageable slivers of cheese for inclusion in your open sandwich.

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