arroz con leche

/ah-RROHS kon leh-cheh/

"Rice with milk." Rice pudding served cold and flavoured with lemon and cinnamon, popular in the north west.

Arroz con leche is a sweet dessert made with rice and milk. The dish popular through out Latin America and gets its origins from Spain. When translated from Spanish to English the dessert is “rice with milk.” The dessert consists of raisins, vanilla, cinnamon, rice, milk, and water. Arroz con leche is a dish that can be served either cold or hot.

Each country has a different twist on the rice based dessert. For example in Brazil, the dish calls for coconut milk and is usually served after vatapá or a meat dish. However, in Mexico it is common to use whole milk as. Almost all recipes for the dish are different and each person who makes it adds their own twist on the midday dessert. Each country takes the dish and adds different ingredients to the dish. Every person who makes the dish does so with their own charisma.


Lexicographer: Michael Gray, Tulane University

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