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Cowpea, of which the leaves are traditionally eaten in Zimbabwe.



Loquat. Japanese medlar.



Spider flower. A parsley-like vegetable native to South America but naturalized in some parts of United States where, unlike Zimbabwe where it is eaten, it is grown for its long-lasting spider-shaped white to pink-purple flowers.



The staple starch of Zimbabwe. A stiff porridge of mashed potato consistency prepared from meal of maize, millet, sorghum or rice. It is usually served with stew. To eat it correctly, break off a ping-pong ball size piece and mould it into a ball, make an indentation with your thumb and use it to scoop up some stew. This shape leads some people to describe it as a dumpling. The meal of maize is the staple food in Zimbabwe.



Maize grains dried, pounded to a coarse flour consistency, with some kernels still left whole, and then boiled to make a thick porridge.



Indian kale. Spinach-like, peppery mustard leaves.