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Endive (US: chicory)








[Esperanto] plural fungoj

Fungus - a general term.

─Łardena satureo


Summer savory, an annual herb used commonly in Romanian cuisine. In Canada this is used often where sage might be used elsewhere. In France it is famously used in cooking young broad beans. It is slightly less bitter than winter savory, which is a perennial.



A small, grey variety of snail - the Roman or vineyard snail. It is rather slow-growing, but thought to the tastiest of the snails though without quite the special qualites of the petit gris. Helix pomatia measure between 28 and 36 mm (around 1"-1┬Ż") while Helix aspersa are between 25-30 mm.



Sea buckthorn, providing astringent orange berries which can be used in pies, jams and juices.

imperiestra fungo


Caesar's mushroom. Excellent raw in salads or grilled, stuffed or used as a garnish.


[Esperanto] plural Judasorelos

Judas's ear fungus, often found dried. Dried or fresh they should not be fried, as they explode, but stewed with other ingredients.



Calamondon of calamansi lime. A citrus fruit found in the Philippines though it is actually a hybrid and not found in the wild. Sour, small and round, it is often described as a cross between a tangerine or mandarin orange and a kumquat. It looks rather like a tangerine and is used to flavor foods and drinks